About SEB Sans Serif

The publishing group Verbum owned the rights to the Berling typeface, designed by Karl-Erik Forsberg in 1951 for Berlingska in Lund. The digital versions of the typeface were of poor quality, and there was no usable version available. My agency was tasked with creating a new digital version of the typeface. Berling Nova, as it was called, was developed in a text version based on old lead types (Text) and a headline version (Display). Berling Nova was introduced in 2004.

The project also included generating interest in the typefaces, organizing Berling Day, and collaborating with the international distributor Linotype. The typeface was awarded the Kolla Honorary Prize in 2008.

The project was carried out by Örjan Nordling, Fredrik Andersson, Ylva Lipkin, and Christer Hellmark on behalf of Geith Forsberg, Gunnar Göranzon, Pia Skantz Larsson (Verbum), and Anna-Maria Högberg (Government Offices).


Ylva Lipkin SEB och Kurppa Hosk


Örjan Nordling/Kristian Möller/Jennie Rudman

Character set

Latin Extended

SEB Sans Serif Light

SEB Sans Serif Light Italic

SEB Sans Serif Regular

SEB Sans Serif Regular Italic

SEB Sans Serif Medium

SEB Sans Serif Medium Italic

SEB Sans Serif Bold

SEB Sans Serif Bold Italic