About FF Dagny Pro

When DN transitioned to a tabloid format, a new typeface was created – DN Grotesk. Our inspiration came from old type specimens found in DN’s own historical archives. The typeface was designed to have higher contrast and a tall x-height. In these historical references, we discovered period-appropriate details that gave the new typeface character, such as a lowercase ”f” with a backward-leaning overhang. The typeface also saved valuable space by shortening both ascenders and descenders.

DN Grotesk was used in the newspaper for a period of ten years. When we regained the rights to it, it was given the name Dagny, a contraction of ”Dagens Nyheter.” It was launched by FontFont in 2009, and FF Dagny received the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) International Typographic Award in 2011.


Örjan Nordling, Fredrik Andersson, Carolina Laudon, Gary Newman


Mario Garcia, John Bark/Dagens Nyheter, Erik Spiekermann, FontFont Berlin

Inspirational Grotesque Type Specimens for the typeface.