About ICA Rubrik

With 2,200 stores and numerous touchpoints, the Swedish supermarket chain ICA sought to establish brand recognition across all channels. This endeavor led to the creation of a versatile typeface family comprising 16 weights.

The objective was to develop a unique typeface reminiscent of the company’s iconic logotype. In collaboration with ICA’s design team and the agency Silver, we crafted a modern typeface family suitable for both digital and print contexts. The family includes ICA Rubrik (‚ÄĚheadline‚ÄĚ), ICA Skiss (‚ÄĚsketch‚ÄĚ), ICA Hand, and ICA Text, addressing the company’s communication needs across all textual content, including ICA’s various brands.

‚ÄĚThree typefaces have been completed, spanning a total of 16 different weights. It has been an incredibly enjoyable and instructive journey.‚ÄĚ Robert Nordh, Senior Designer, EMV Design Agency, Creative Director, ICA

  • Designteam
  • √Ėrjan Nordling, G√∂ran S√∂derstr√∂m, Kent Nyberg, Jan Abrahamsson

  • Client
  • Robert Nordh ICA, Andr√© Hindersson Silver





Skiss Regular

Skiss Bold