About Nordling BQ

My first published typeface was named Nordling BQ, and it was completed in 1994. BQ stands for Berthold Quality, and the German type foundry is one of the oldest and most reputable in the industry, today a part of Monotype. Nordling BQ was an attempt to create a robust and fairly powerful Antiqua typeface that could function in various production environments, from faxes to print. My idea was to emphasize the baseline of the letters graphically by adding extra weight and boldness to the so-called serifs. They are convex and create a stable line effect. I had the privilege of collaborating with Berthold’s studio in Munich and their studio manager, Günter Gerard Lange. He taught me how to assess the quality and functionality of a typeface.

Nordling BQ received the award ”Utmärkt Svensk Form” (Excellent Swedish Design) in 1996.



Örjan Nordling


Günter Gerard Lange and Bernd Möllenstädt

H. Berthold AG



Character set


Available formats



H. Berthold AG

Opentype Features

aalt Access All Alternates
c2sc Small Capitals from Capitals
case Case-Sensitive Forms
dnom Denomenators
frac Fractions
hist Historical Alternates
lnum Lining Figures
locl Localized Forms
numr Numerators
ordn Ordinals
pnum Proportional Figures
salt Stylistic Alternates
sinf Scientific Inferiors
smcp Small Capitals
ss01 Stylistic Set 1
ss02 Stylistic Set 2
sups Superscript
tnum Tabular Figures
Regular (100px) (100px)
Italic (100px) (100px)
Medium (100px) (100px)
Medium Italic (100px) (100px)
Bold (100px) (100px)
Bold italic (100px) (100px)
Article from Tecknaren covering the designer Örjan Nordling.
Article from Aftonbladet Puls 2001