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JSON field groups are determined ‘available for sync’ when either the JSON field group does not exist in the DB (field group key is used to match pair), or when the JSON field group contains a higher ‘modified’ value than the DB post’s modified date. The modified value can be found within the JSON file (assuming the file has been created by ACF PRO version 5.1.5 or later) and is a GMT unix timestamp from when the field group was last saved.

About IDT One Mono

The simple, steady rhythm of monospaced fonts, where each character occupies the same width, continues to inspire designers long after the demise of typewriters. In today’s digital age, there are no technical constraints that compel us to use monospaced fonts. Yet, these fonts are often chosen for purely aesthetic reasons. Their minimalist and seemingly un-designed appearance makes them a popular choice when designers seek an informal voice.

However, in such cases, what is desired is a font that appears monospaced, rather than one that strictly adheres to monospacing. A far more even and pleasing rhythm can be achieved by relinquishing the requirement for every character to occupy an identical space.

Idt One combines the simplicity of a monospaced typeface with the elegance of meticulous spacing and kerning. Naturally wide characters are given room to breathe, eliminating unsightly gaps around narrower characters.

For contexts such as programming, where a true monospaced typeface is essential, we offer Idt One Mono.


Örjan Nordling, Kent Nyberg, Kristian Möller and Anders Wikström.