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It is becoming increasingly important to have a brand that reflects the values you want to convey. A visual identity is a way to support and express your uniqueness, your business, and your offering. One crucial building block that can set you and your company apart is a custom typeface. In the past, creating your own font was seen as challenging and complicated, but today, it’s not difficult; in fact, it’s more of a hygiene factor. There are many reasons to use your very own typeface: it adds weight to your identity, makes your work more manageable, and is, moreover, a good business move. Whether you’re considering a pre-designed typeface or a unique, newly crafted one, we can help you find something that suits your profile perfectly. Identitype has been designing typefaces for 20 years for numerous companies and organizations with their own history, a unique style, and different usage needs. It’s based on these conditions that we continue to build until the final dot is in place. Your typeface should showcase who you are and amplify your values and identity—and that’s our specialty. Welcome to Identitype!

Photo Kristofer Samuelsson
Photo Kristofer Samuelsson

Örjan Nordling

Örjan Nordling has extensive experience in graphic design and typeface design. His education in graphic design took place at Konstfack and the Basel School of Design in the 1980s. With a career spanning over 40 years, he has engaged in visual identity, design strategies, and typography related to the branding of companies and organizations. Businesses he has operated include Ligature, Pangea design, FamiljenPangea, and most recently Familjen, from which he departed in 2022. Involved in the development of over 250 visual identities and approximately 40 typeface projects, he has contributed to the creation of customized typography. The common thread in all these projects has been meeting the specific requirements and desires of clients and their customers regarding profiling, expressing, and establishing their brand. He has also designed several license typefaces for the commercial market, distributed by Identitype and foundries like FontFont, Monotype, and Linotype. Among the awards Örjan has won, we can mention the Red Dot Award, GuldĂ€gget, European Design Award, ISTD International Typographic Award, UtmĂ€rkt Svensk Form, and the Berling Prize.


Kristian Möller
Type Designer

Kristian Möller, the Stockholm-based type designer, specialises in crafting custom typefaces for a diverse portfolio of clients, including Northvolt, SEB, Public Transport in Stockholm County (SL), Pensionsmyndigheten, JM Bygg, ZoĂ©gas, ElkjĂžp, and many others. Kristian’s type design for Vasakronan earned him the prestigious “Winners of the 24th TDC Typeface Design Competition” in 2021. In addition to his exceptional type design work, Kristian also undertakes traditional design projects, conducts engaging workshops, and delivers insightful lectures, showcasing a multifaceted approach to typography.


  • Nordling Sans, Identitype, 2023
  • Åkersberga Sans, Identitype, 2023
  • IDT Form 62, Identitype, 2022
  • IDT Swedoni, Identitype, 2022
  • IDT One, Identitype, 2020
  • Sortera Sans, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, 2018
  • Sveriges Ingenjorer, Sveriges Ingenjörer, 2018
  • VattenfallHall, Nord DDB, 2018
  • Plantagen, Nord DDB, 2018
  • Bisnode Sans, Bisnode, 2018
  • SEB SansSerif, SEB, 2018
  • Bluewater Script, M+M, 2017
  • Elkjop Sans, Nord DDB, 2017
  • Zoegas Display, Nord DDB, 2016
  • Pensio, Pensionsmyndigheten, 2016
  • Adobe Creative Sessions, Abby Norm, Adobe International, 2015
  • SL Rounded, SL/Nord DDB, 2015
  • Scandinavian New, SAS/DesignbyrĂ„n Bold, 2015
  • Adobe Creative Day, Abby Norm, 2014
  • Olympica, Medaljlotteriet/Netlight Consulting, 2014
  • SEB Serif, SEB, 2014
  • C&A, Stockholm Design Lab, 2013–14
  • ICA Text, Rubrik, Skiss & Hand, ICA/DesignbyrĂ„n Silver, 2012–14
  • ATG Text, Rubrik & Mono. ATG/DesignbyrĂ„n Bold, 2011–14
  • SEB Basic, SEB/MRM McCann, 2010–13
  • Vattenfall Voice, MRM Starsky, 2012
  • Zeta, Hummingbirds, 2012
  • Posten, Postens reklamavd, 2013
  • Wy Wallet, 2013
  • Botkyrka Konsthall, Stenciltypsnitt, 2011
  • FF Dagny, FontFont, 2009
  • LO Enighet, LO:s reklamavd. för LO, 2007
  • Berling Nova Sans, Regeringskansliet/Linotype, 2006
  • Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting, Monotype, 2005
  • DN Wall, Dagens Nyheter, 2005
  • Berkeley, Hallands-Posten, 2004
  • DN Grotesk, Dagens Nyheter, Bark Design, 2004
  • Berling Nova, Regeringskansliet/Linotype, 2002
  • DN Bodoni, Dagens Nyheter, Mario Garcia, 2000
  • Nordling BQ, H. Berthold AG, 1995
  • KF fonten, Kooperativa Förbundet, 1992