About IDT Swedoni

The Kempe Collection at Uppsala University Library is the most significant collection of Bodoni prints outside of Parma. In the collection, one can trace the development of Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) from the early Rococo style ideals to the restrained classicism in his later works.

IDT Swedoni, which is based on the early prints, is a lively vertical Roman in the Italian letter tradition. IDT Swedoni offers a modern reinterpretation of the typographic work of Bodoni. His majestic type designs remain as fashionable today as they were in his era.

When we think of ”Bodoni”, we typically envision a strict, geometric style of serifed letters with vertical stems aligned like pickets in a fence. This results in an elegant and dignified appearance, making Bodoni a timeless choice in the world of design.

Idt Swedoni reveals a different facet of Bodoni. Inspiration was drawn from Bodoni’s early works, which are often surprisingly lively and distinct from the typical digital interpretations. Straight lines and serifs are infused with subtle curves, and the contrast between thick and thin strokes is moderated, resulting in smoother transitions. This enhances readability, making Idt Swedoni suitable even for longer texts.


Örjan Nordling, Göran Söderström, Kristian Möller